INL – Institute for Sustainable Land Management


We are very happy to present the homepage of the INL – the private Institute for Sustainable Land Management – and we appreciate your interest in our company.

Agriculture and food economics in the 21st century find themselves at the centre of contradicting interests and philosophies. On one hand, an awareness of topics such as ecology and sustainability has become firmly established within broad sections of the population. On the other hand, agricultural producers have to balance huge pressures to cut costs with increasing demands regarding product quality and exact traceability with in the production chain.

Ministries and technical authorities, counselling services as well as businesses in the fields of agricultural production/food economics and food service industry, in order to take decisions, require a precise overview over different sustainability parameters, and the option to model the effects of those parameters on their given environment.

We as an innovative company provide an interface for all stakeholders within the value-added chain – from the farmer via the processor to the food retailing market and food service industry. Our roots in research and long-term experience in practical application allow our team to produce high-quality sustainability analyses for our customers that simultaneously consider ecological, social and economical aspects.

You take the decisions, we supply the arguments.